Messing about in canoes and being in the woods literally lights my fire and brings me a sense calm at the same time!

I just love the challenge of an expedition, being self sufficient, sleeping under the stars and cooking on fires.  Being part of the wonder of the water whether it is the rush of paddling through a rapid down a meandering river, the tranquillity of a sun kissed lake or battling through blustery winds crossing an estuary. The icing on the cake is being able to listen and see all the splendid wild life and nature that comes with these different environments, it just makes the experience all that, and much more!

I have enjoyed many different outdoor activities and have delivered a lot of them over the years, but my passion is with canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding. 

So I chose to start offering Canoeing and Bushcraft experiences, expeditions and courses. From day adventures on Bala Lake in Snowdonia to multiday experiences across the Great Glen or down the River Spey in Scotland; to Bushcraft and carving greenwood and making your own paddles or spoons whilst camping in the woods.  

Much of what I do is bespoke, so please give me a bell or drop me a message if interested in knowing more about the variety of activities and adventures I can offer. I am putting some dates and costs together so keep an eye out here on Women's Outdoor Adventures if this type of thing floats your boat! Sorry about the pun

07825 553111