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Wild Rambling

So I'm Helen. I'm 50 (how did that happen?) and I live in the far west of Cornwall with Steve, my other half, and Bracken, Briar and Brock, our (3!!!) border collies. We've lived here for over eight years, having taken the life changing decision to move from Cumbria and, despite missing snow, it's a decision we haven't regretted as we adore it here.

I have a full time adult job in marketing which I won't bore you with now but it's important to know, in case you wonder why I can't always get back to you immediately, and why there are only a few holidays a year.

I started as a walking guide for WalkingWomen in 2008 and in 2012, I decided to go it alone and started Wild Rambling. It wasn't meant to be women only but mixed holidays didn't get off the ground and I much prefer the dynamic of women only groups - they are so supportive, especially if you haven't done anything like it before. Plus the conversations are a lot more interesting!

I get very enthusiastic about sharing my lifelong love for the outdoors with my groups. I just love the stunning scenery of the British coast and country and am fascinated with the unique historical influences which changed the natural landscape so there is always something of interest to look at on every walk.

My database is very small which is fabulous because after the first time, you are guaranteed to know a lot of the other ladies. Many friendships are formed and I know a lot of women meet up outside the holidays to go walking. Most people book more than once and in fact there are a few ladies who are now into double figures for the number of holidays they have booked. Not too shabby when you think we've only been going for 10 years!

​A Wild Rambling holiday isn't just about the walking though - we have kayaked, wild swam, been to the theatre, had interesting talks, visited interesting places like gin distilleries, stately homes and gardens. And we like tea and cake stops!

Whilst not working, I walk, row, kayak, cycle, mountain bike, cave, dive, ski and climb to varying degrees of skill! I love talking about geology and history but I’ve got a degree in English Literature so am also interested in books, plus I am a total foodie, adore my garden and strangely, am a Formula One fan. An eclectic mix but it means there's always something to talk about!

​Of course, the main reason that I love Wild Rambling is the totally fabulous people I meet - people like you!

Helen Venus: Vendors
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